Animation / Motion Graphics


Motion Graphics Reel

Updated 5/18/2021



This is a teaser trailer animation that I made for a story of a public school student and a private school student becoming friends. This trailer was made with Procreate, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. All backgrounds are illustrated by myself.



These are my shots from my senior capstone project. Our client for this project was a teen support group at a local school, Community Montessori. They prompted us to bring awareness to Autism, its associated behaviors, and how it affects people on a daily basis. Me and my classmates, Noah Moschowsky and Kaitlyn Grace, chose to do a short story animation. We each took on a different character to animate and to represent their struggle with Autism. The scene attached is the scene that I wrote and animated. I wanted to visualize how noise can affect someone with Autism. In addition, I was in charge of background development and storyboarding for the project (Storyboard PDF). I used Procreate, ToonBoom Harmony, and Premiere Pro to complete the animation.


Here is the final animation:



Here are some other shots that I animated for the project. The other shots for this scene were completed by Noah Moschowsky.



This is my 2D animated walk cycle. Over my years in college I have created 3D walk cycles, but wanted to have a 2D walk cycle for my portfolio. I animated with the animation timeline in Procreate.



This animation is a hair study animation. Hair acts as its own entity, but also as an extension of the character. I have always admired how animators capture the movement of hair, and wanted to try it for myself. This sequence was created with the animation timeline in Procreate.